GSSL 2017 Accomplishments

I am proud to share with you the accomplishments of our staff and board in 2017:

-    Maintained a sound financial position and improved processes/tools in the office
-    Scheduled, refereed, and tracked 3,506 matches
-    Placed over 250 new players onto teams throughout our league
-    Expanded the league by adding the Over-65 Division
-    Our affiliation with Cascadia Adult Soccer assisted 7 players with secondary USSF medical insurance
-    Our players were able to use their Cascadia cards for open tournaments without having to purchase a tournament card
-    Increased our social media outreach and added new platforms such as Instagram, a GSSL player recruiting page, and Google+ for our referees

I thank our staff of Enisa, Cindy, Elle and Traci who continue to share their passion for the game with all of you.
I also deeply appreciate our strong professional board for all their help and support.

Enjoy good health and great goals in 2018,
Gabe Hanzeli, GSSL President


New Division:

The GSSL is proud to announce that starting in Winter 2018 we will be adding an O-65 division to our rotation, with four inaugural teams! Our O-65 Division will play on Thursday nights, and is shaping up to be every bit as competitive as it is fun.



GSSL players, managers, and referees,

The GSSL Board has agreed to an affiliation with Cascadia of US Club Soccer of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).  The affiliation will begin on May 1, 2017 with the goal of being fully affiliated by May 1, 2018.  The survey of our managers and referees indicated that the majority found USSF affiliation beneficial to the GSSL.

USSF affiliation will provide the following:

  1. Players will have secondary medical coverage up to $5000 after they renew their current GSSL card with a Cascadia card.
  2. The Cascadia cards will be good in all leagues that are affiliated with Cascadia and for all open tournaments (see the Cascadia website at http://cascadiaadultsoccer.org).
  3. The GSSL will have access to all USSF referees in the area once we are fully affiliated.
  4. Our referees will receive USSF credit for GSSL games once we are fully affiliated.

We believe this step will also open more friendly doors for the GSSL in the regional soccer community, and shows our willingness to be more fully a part of the larger soccer world that is so rich in the Puget Sound area.


Gabe Hanzeli
GSSL President

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