Team of the Month Archive | Last Updated: 2/13/18

FTI 0-40


(picture includes FTI 0-40, 0-50 and 0-55)

 GSSL: How was your team formed, and how long has it been in the GSSL?

Our Over-40 team was formed about 15 years ago. We decided to form a competitive team with guys that fit together and were committed to playing together for a long time. We have maintained the core team but have added players on our roster slowly over the years as players move to a different location or stopped playing because of injuries or other commitments.  It is also a group that gets together regularly for events that also include spouses and children.  We participate in a number of annual tournaments of which the families are also invited, and attend.

GSSL: How did you name your team?

We took the FTI name because an Over-30 team existed and many of our players were recruited from that team. We are now sponsoring an Over-50 team as many of our original players are now over 50 and 55.

GSSL: Does your team have any main rivals?

 It varies over the years but teams such as “The Kells”, “FC Roosters”, “The Nets” and “Chinook” have traditionally been some of our main rivals.

GSSL: Why do you choose to play in the GSSL?

 It’s the only quality league around

GSSL: What are your goals as a team?

Have fun, win and participate in the mandatory 3rd half

GSSL: Fill in the blank: The best thing about playing for your team is …?

Good friends and the quality of soccer

 FC Slabs Unitard

Division: WED 0-40 D4
Manager: Jeremy Rudo