Division: Tuesday CR 2
Manager: Mark Wilkerson

GSSL: How was your team formed, and how long have you been with the GSSL?

Mark: We formed in early 2012 when I posted a message on the Columbia City Parents email group looking for players, and heavily recruited at my son's school. We played our first season indoors at Starfire. As we added to the roster, we moved to 8v8, then to Co-Rec's Tuesday night men's league. We've been with GSSL since the summer of 2016, after Co-Rec folded. We are all dad's in the Rainier Valley (98118 zip code and immediate vicinity), though we have a 2 'DP' rule - for players of exceeding character, and/or who's pub performance is exceptional.

GSSL: How did you name your team?

Mark: Our name is inspired by the movie, 'The Godfather'. The game is played on 'sod'. We are fathers, Co-rec's team name rules forced us to drop 'The' from the name. So, there you go.

GSSL: Does your team have any main rivals?

Mark: Possibly Keg Workers of America. They are another team made of lots of guys (and some dads) from our area, and they were often in our Co-Rec division. I think we've dropped more games to them, so it makes winning sweeter.

GSSL: Why do you choose to play in the GSSL?

Mark: We had discussed moving to GSSL a bit even before Co-Rec folded, but the player card requirement was a barrier for us. Now that we're over that hump, we appreciate losing the more onerous Co-Rec rules. And there is more room for us to move to find appropriate competition. We joke about counting the days until our 38-year-old 'baby' is old enough so we can move to the over-40 division.

GSSL: The best thing about playing for your team is?

Mark: We gather at the Hummingbird Saloon in Columbia City after every game. We scrimmage on bye weeks, and then go to the "Bird". Last winter, we had our first annual Sodfather ski weekend at Crystal Mountain. We're planning to march in the annual Rainier Valley Heritage Parade in August. It's an incredible group of guys, and the team really functions as a soccer-oriented dad's support group.

GSSL: What are your goals as a team?

Mark: Help each other survive fatherhood.

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