Players are encouraged to hold onto their own player cards. This is especially important if you play for multiple teams and/or leagues, as players will not be issued multiple cards or multiple temporary passes. Digital copies or photographs of cards are not considered valid, and will not be accepted by our referees. Due to this, should you not be able to produce your physical card, you will be required to sit out that game.

No Card. No Play. No Exceptions.

Cascadia Annual (365-day) Player Card Fee: $35.00

Cascadia Player Registration Form

With the recent decision to affiliate with Cascadia Adult Soccer, starting May 1, 2017, players who renew their GSSL player cards after May 1, 2017, will be provided with a new, updated Cascadia player card, to be issued through the GSSL office.

The new card offers more enhancements to your positive soccer experience, and is designed to increase your soccer-playing opportunities in our region.

This new Cascadia player card will be acceptable for participation in all GSSL games, as well as unrestricted soccer tournaments, such as Kla Ha Ya, Washington State Senior Games, and the 2017 Summer Legacy tournament in Beaverton, Ore.

In addition, the Cascadia card will come with up to $5,000 of secondary player injury medical insurance coverage.

Referees will begin acceptance of the new Cascadia player card beginning May 1, 2017, and will continue to accept valid, unexpired, GSSL player cards through the end of April, 2018.

Starting May 1, 2018, all GSSL players will be required to have a valid Cascadia player card. Players can register, pay for, and receive their Cascadia player card at any time before their GSSL membership card expires.

Players who register and pay for their Cascadia card while their GSSL card is six (6) months, or more, away from expiration will receive a financial incentive for registering early; the type of incentive is dependent on the remaining time left on their GSSL membership.

The cost of a one-year Cascadia player card is $35, and both new and renewing players are required to fill out, sign, and date the Cascadia registration form to start their medical coverage.

Starting May 1, 2017, the Cascadia player registration form will be available on both the Cascadia Adult Soccer and the GSSL websites as a fillable PDF (which contains cells that can be typed in).

If the form cannot be filled in through your computer, we recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software (a free download: ). You may also print out the form to fill out and send by U.S. Mail.

All players will also be required to provide photo identification (driver’s license, state ID or passport) and a color photo for the player card.

The completed form should be e-mailed to or mailed to the GSSL office at 9750 Greenwood Ave N., Unit 101, Seattle WA 98103.

Players may pay the $35 player card fee by cash, check, or credit/debit card over the phone (all major brands accepted).

If players are doubtful that they will receive their player card before their next game, the GSSL staff can, on request, issue a temporary player pass that must be printed out, signed, and provided to the referee prior to the start of the game. Players can also come to the GSSL office to register for the Cascadia player card and will receive the card immediately.

Further questions? Please feel free to contact the GSSL office via email at or by phone at 206.782.6831.

The new Cascadia player card offers more playing options for GSSL members, further contributing to more positive playing experiences and opportunities in the Northwest. We’re proud to be able to offer this new ability to you and hope you enjoy!

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