About the GSSL

The GSSL is Washington's leading non-profit adult outdoor soccer league, serving Seattle and all of the greater Seattle area.

More than 250 teams play nearly 3,000 matches each year. The GSSL offers various levels of competition for Co-Ed, open (all-ages), over-30,Co Rec Open, over-40, over-50, over-55 and over-60 divisions.

We offer four league sessions: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, as well as tournaments for teams to compete year-round. the league plays according to FIFA law, with the exceptions of unlimited substitutions and slide-tackle restrictions in the older age groups. We also have slide tackle and reckless play from behind restrictions in the CR and Co-Ed divisions

The league features three full-time, professional staff members. The GSSL hires referees and manages them directly. The GSSL works one on one with all our referee's. The GSSL is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the member teams, so members have direct control over league affairs.


GSSL Mission

The mission of the Greater Seattle Soccer League is to promote adult team soccer play by  providing an enjoyable and competitive playing experience at all skill levels with safety, schedule reliability, quality refereeing and professional league management.

GSSL 2016 Accomplishments

I am proud to share with you the accomplishments of our staff and board in 2016:

  • We expanded the league by adding Thursday open Co-Ed, Sunday 0-30 Co-Ed and CR (Co Rec) Tuesday divisions.
  • We scheduled, refereed and tracked 3,372 matches.
  • We transitioned to a state of the art league management software package.
  • We transitioned to a state of the art financial system.
  • We maintained a solid financial position with proper reserves for operations.
  • We increased our social media outreach.

I thank our staff of Enisa, Cindy and Traci who continue to share their passion for the game with all of you.
I also deeply appreciate our strong professional board for all their help and support.

Enjoy good health and great goals in 2017,
Gabe Hanzeli, GSSL President

A short history of the GSSL

The Greater Seattle Soccer League traces its heritage back to the 1880s, when Irish immigrants working the coal mines in Black Diamond formed the first organized league in the Seattle area. In the 1920s, the league had adopted the name Seattle Soccer League. A trophy, now used for the league's annual George Washington Tournament, was a gift to the league by George Parsons in 1927. During World War II, prisoners from Europe played the local ethnic community teams: the Seattle Hungarians, the Danes, and others ...

As soccer enjoyed a rise in popularity as a result of the 1966 World Cup in England, the United States' participation rose as well in the 1960s and early '70s.

The league as it is now constituted was formally incorporated as a non-profit social organization in 1976. Initially referred to as the Washington State Soccer League, the name was changed to the Greater Seattle Soccer League in 1985. Today, many players and officials from that particular era remain playing in senior divisions of the league.


How the GSSL is organized

The GSSL plays throughout the year:

* Winter season: January and February

* Spring season: March through May

* Summer season: June through August

* Fall season: September through November


 Play is divided into age groups, with divisions based on skill within each group. Typically, between six and 12 age groups compete in up to 20 divisions.


* Co-Ed Thursday: Open

* Co-Ed Sunday: Over 30

* Co Rec Tuesday: Open & 0-30 divisions

* Open: Players of any age

* Over-30: Players must turn 30 in the calendar year

* Over-40: Players must turn 40 in the calendar year

* Over-50

* Over-55

* Over-60


Approximately 230 teams participate in the Greater Seattle Soccer League. Over the last year the GSSL has placed hundreds of players on teams that match their skill level. The GSSL maintains an active player pool list of all ages for our Co-Ed and men's teams. This allows managers/teams to contact the office with specific player needs.



Every player is an individual member of the GSSL. Each has a separate membership card, and may be on as many teams as he or she wants.

The GSSL is a competitive and recreational league that features players of all skill levels. Players in our league site our quality of play, referees and fields, relative low cost to play, and overall camaraderie being part of the league allows.

The GSSL prohibits discrimination in membership on the basis of age (except playing group qualifications), ethnicity, race, gender or sexual orientation.

For more information:

For more info on how to join the GSSL as a team or player, contact us at:

The Greater Seattle Soccer League

9750 Greenwood Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98103

Open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. — 5:30 p.m.


206.782-6947 (Fax)



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