Team of the Week: Flying Hellfish

The GSSL values and appreciates its members, and as a way to recognize and feature its member teams, a new addition will be part of the GSSL site each week. Called “Team of the Week,” each feature will briefly highlight teams from managers’ points of view to bring you closer to the tapestry that makes up our league. 

Team of the Week:  Flying Hellfish
Division:  Open D-1
Manager:  Adam French

GSSL: How was your team formed, and how long has it been in the GSSL?

Adam: It's been a team since 2000.  It was run by an older brother of my best friend, Bob Robison, and his college friends.  Over time, my friend, Jon Robison, took over as manager and the next generation of guys started playing.  Then about 6 years ago, I took over as team manager.  There's been a core group of guys since the beginning.  We've always been in division 1 or 2.  For the past 16 years.

GSSL: How did you name your team?

 Adam: Its named based on the Simpsons.  It was grandpa simpson and Mr. Burns WWII army troop.

GSSL: Does Flying Hellfish have any main rivals?

Adam: Too many to list over the past 16 years.

GSSL: Why do you choose to play in the GSSL?

Adam: Its always been a fun, laid back league that fits our members well.  The leadership and referees have always been good to us.

GSSL: What are your goals as a team?

Adam: To put together a good group of guys who want to  go out and have a good time playing soccer.  We avoid having j@ck@sses on the team :)

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