We regret to inform you the George Washington Tournament will not be taking place in 2017. Please check back in the Spring of 2018 for more information.


George Washington Tournament 

The George Washington Tournament is named after the George Washington Trophy, which was donated to the Seattle Soccer League (as the GSSL was known by then) by George Parsons in 1927.

The trophy sterling silver, about 30 inches high and weighing around 20 pounds. The base carries the names of the GWT winners in each division from each year.  The trophy is kept at the GSSL office.

GWT Rules of Competition

Player and Team Eligibility

This is an invitational tournament conducted by the Greater Seattle Soccer League. The GSSL reserves the right to refuse participation to anyone it feels such participation is contrary to the spirit of the game of soccer, the George Washington Tournament, or the GSSL.

All teams must file a master roster of their players and any changes to the master rosters will need to be approved by the tournament director. There is a limit of 22 players on the master roster. 

Players may not play on more than one team.

Players must be listed on the roster of the team on which they play.

Players must have a valid GSSL or Cascadia player card. Players without such identification cards must produce personal identification showing picture and age, and a temporary tournament player pass will be prepared for that player at a cost of $1.00. PICTURE IDENTIFICATION IS REQUIRED FOR A TEMPORARY PASS. The Tournament Director’s decisions with regard to player eligibility are final.

Players ejected from a match by a referee may be declared ineligible to participate in the remainder of the tournament, at the discretion of the Tournament Director.


The Tournament Director will seed teams into skill divisions and playing groups within divisions. The Tournament Director reserves the right to organize the playing divisions, as it deems fairest and the most enjoyable for all concerned. All such alignment decisions of the Tournament Director are final.

Rules of Play

The rules of the game of soccer as promulgated by FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Associations) shall apply except where specifically modified.

Substitutions may be made at any time, at the discretion of the referee. Players may return to the game after substituting off.

Players actually playing, or available for substitution in a match, must be listed on a game sheet (provided by the Tournament Director), which is to be presented to the referee before the outset of the game. All players listed on a game sheet must be also listed on the team roster before the game sheet is given to the referee.

All games in Open and O-30 division play will be two 45-minute halves (30-minute halves for all other divisions). The first round will consist of three games for each team. Ties in first round games will stand.  If there is a tie in the final game there will be two 10-minute periods. After overtime periods, penalty kicks will decide the winner.

Games will begin promptly when scheduled. Late starts will be allowed only with the consent of the referee. At least seven players from each side must be on the playing field to play the game.

A team that fails to appear for a scheduled match will be expelled from the tournament. All matches in which that team participated or is scheduled to participate will be recorded as 1-0 wins for the opponents. 

In the event that a team forfeits its position in the tournament as indicated above, it is possible that a team that would advance to the next round before the forfeit is now unable to do so because the change in team standings caused by the forfeiture qualifies another team to advance.  If such situation should arise, which team will advance shall be determined by a FIFA penalty-kick tiebreaker competition between the two affected teams. A team that forfeits may not be invited back to the George Washington Tournament in the future. 


The interpretation of fact by the referee insofar as the conduct of a match is concerned is final and cannot be protested.

The team manager must make protests for any other cause in writing to the Tournament Director within one hour of the incident causing the protest.

The Judicial Committee shall rule on the protest in a timely manner so as not to interfere with the participation of the protesting team in the Tournament.

Results, Standings and Prizes

Playing groups and divisional play will be designed to yield teams to play in the final, championship match.  For purposes of computing standings as needed, a win will count three points, a tie one point, and a loss no points.  If two teams are tied in the standings, the following will, in order, be used as the tie breaker:

  • Head-to-head results, if any
  • Goal difference up to three
  • Most goals scored
  • Least goals scored against, and
  • A round of penalty kicks between the two teams.

The championship match will determine the first and second place winners in each division.  The championship game winners of all divisions will have their team name permanently engraved on the historic “George Washington Trophy”, and be awarded the first place prize. The championship game loser will be awarded second place.

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