Top Goal Scorers

Use the link below to submit your team's goal scorers from your most recent game.  This page will be updated throughout the summer season.


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CR Division 1:


CR Division 2:
Everett McGaughey, Arlen Pritchard, Sharktopus: 2 each
Tyler Walser, Julian Franco, Joel Theodore, Chupacabra FC2 each




Open Division 1:

Open Division 2A:
Mithundra Sharma, Disorderly Conduct SC:

Open Division 2B:
Nick Gross, Streamline FC: 8

Open Division 3:
Thiago Pires, Ari Phillips, Raphael Pereira, Jet City FC: 1 

Open Division 4:



O-30 Division 1:
Fernando Gonazalez, Romania: 3

O-30 Division 2:
Evan Ward, Steel & Silk FC5

O-30 Division 3:


O-40 Division 1:
Dale Ottopal, Jeff Franich and Todd Tschimperle, AC Chinook: 2 each

O-40 Division 2:

O-40 Division 3:

O-40 Division 4:
Martin Kayser, ISC Gunners C: 7

O-40 Division 5:


O-60 Division 1:

O-60 Division 2:
Alex Kim, Seattle Seniors: 7

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