GSSL Affiliation with Cascadia Adult Soccer
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of affiliation?

There are three main benefits to affiliation with Cascadia. First, it will give us access to a much larger pool of well trained professional referees. We believe this will benefit all players by giving them a more consistent playing experience. Second, the Cascadia player ID card we will be issuing after May 1st will be accepted at many of the tournaments you might play in during the year, saving you money because you no longer have to purchase a $20 WSASA tournament card. Third, when you purchase a Cascadia player ID card, you will receive $5,000 of insurance coverage for any playing injury.

2. Do I need to buy a Cascadia card today?
No, if your existing GSSL player ID card is still valid, you can continue to use it until it expires, or until May 1, 2018, whichever comes first.

3. What if I want to get a Cascadia player ID card now so I can get the insurance coverage or be ready to play in a tournament this summer?
You can purchase your Cascadia player ID card at any time. The registration form is available on the Documents page of the GSSL web site. You will need to fill out and sign the form, then you can either e-mail or US Mail the completed form to the GSSL office (the address is on the form) or bring it in to the office in person. You can include a check with mailed form, or if you are using e-mail, you can pay over the phone with a debit or credit card. If your GSSL card is not yet expired we will need to collect your GSSL card before we can give you the new Cascadia card.

4. How much does it cost to buy a Cascadia card?
The cost is $35 for a one year card. The one-year activation date begins the day we receive your registration form and process your payment.

5. Why is the Cascadia card more expensive than the old GSSL card?
The old GSSL card did not include any insurance coverage. Over 65% of the cost of the Cascadia card pays for your insurance. Even with the added insurance premium the new card is only $7 more expensive than the GSSL card. We’ve tried to keep the cost of the card as low as we can.

6. Can I buy a 2 year Cascadia card?
No, you cannot. The Cascadia card is issued through U S Club Soccer, and U S Club Soccer does not allow us to sell a 2 year card.

7. My GSSL card expires after May 1, 2018. Will I have to buy a Cascadia card by May 1st next year?
Yes, you will. GSSL cards will no longer be accepted by referees after May 1, 2018. Because we are forcing you to replace your GSSL card before it expires, we are offering some amount of compensation for the unused months. If you renew your GSSL card, and it has 6 or more months remaining before the expiration date, we’ll give you a $9 rebate on the price of the Cascadia card.

8. My card expires before May 1, 2018, can I get a deal if I get the Cascadia card early?
Yes, if you get your Cascadia card when your GSSL card has 6 or more months before expiration we will give you the same $9 rebate. If you wait until your GSSL card has less than 6 months before expiration, then we can’t give you any rebate.

9. What tournaments will accept the new Cascadia card?
The Cascadia card will be accepted at all unrestricted tournaments. Examples include the Kla Ha Ya tournament in Snohomish, the Washington State Senior Games, the Summer Legacy tournament in Beaverton, OR, and the Ballapalooza Co-Ed tournament in Bellingham. We will continue to update this list as we confirm additional tournaments.

10. What kind of insurance is included with the Cascadia card?
The insurance is provided through the U S Adult Soccer Association. It is a $5,000 secondary accident policy covering medical or dental injuries that occur while playing in a GSSL game, a game in a league sanctioned by U S Club Soccer or the U S Adult Soccer Association, or at a team practice. That means if you have another medical policy, this secondary policy will cover medical expenses not covered by your other policy. The policy includes a $400 deductible. There are more details in this Summary of Player Accident Insurance (en Español). You can get even more information at the Player Accident Insurance page of the U S Adult Soccer Association web site.

11. What if I don’t have any other medical insurance?
If you don’t have any other medical insurance, this policy becomes your primary policy and you can use it to cover all medical or dental expenses as result of an injury that occurs in a sanctioned soccer game or a team practice. Remember, the $400 deductible still applies and you are still limited to no more than $5,000 of coverage.

12. How do I tell if my game is sanctioned?
Your medical coverage applies to all GSSL games. For play in other leagues or tournaments, you should check with the league or tournament director to confirm whether the games are sanctioned by U S Club Soccer or the U S Adult Soccer Association.

13. When does my insurance coverage start?
You must first complete the Cascadia registration form, sign the waiver statement on the form, and pay your registration fee. Your insurance coverage starts as soon as US Club Soccer receives the signed waiver form. We normally send the signed waiver form to U S Club Soccer each weeknight.

14. If I’m injured, how do I file an insurance claim?
You should contact the Cascadia Adult Soccer office to receive an Injury Claim Form Packet that includes claim forms and instructions. You can phone the office at 206-783-0795 or email the office using There is more information available on our Claims web page.

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