Welcome to the winter 2018 season.  Please read the following information and pass it on to your teammates.

Please remind your players that they need to have a valid GSSL player card, or a valid Cascadia player card in order to participate in the GSSL.  Referees will not allow players to participate without a GSSL or Cascadia player card, or a valid temporary pass.  If any player(s) sustains a concussion or head injury during a GSSL-sanctioned event, medical clearance is required before allowing the player to return to the game.  These are liability insurance requirements. 

If a referee suspects a player of trying to use someone else’s player card, they can request an alternate form of ID for verification.  If players are unwilling to provide an alternate form of ID, the referees have been instructed to retain the player card and turn it into the GSSL office. 

Under the rules, matching shirts with a number on the back is mandatory.  The home team (team listed first on the schedule) must provide a game ball, and in case of a jersey color conflict the home team must change.  It is not necessary to have two sets of jerseys, but carrying an alternate shirt of the same color is suggested.

Game rosters must be completed with each player's name and corresponding jersey number.  Teams should arrive to the game prepared with game rosters completed.  If teams are not prepared, games may need to be shortened as we only have 100 minutes allocated for each GSSL game.  We have received a few complaints from team managers about teams not being prepared with player cards and rosters, so please come prepared!

If a referee does not show up, which is very rare, please play the game, sign the roster, and mail/email/fax to the GSSL office.  If possible, recruit someone from each team to referee a half or self-officiate and report the game score.  Games will not be rescheduled in the event of a referee no show.  

Games that are in conflict with ML King Day, President's Day, mid-winter break or other events will not be rescheduled if it was not brought to our attention prior to the winter league scheduling.

The league has the following snow policy, though we hope not to use it:  If it snows over the weekend in your area or snow is in the forecast, don't call the office to ask if games are cancelled - we won't be there.  Use common sense.  If it snows in your area, call the away team and let them know the conditions.  Listen to travel advisory warnings.  It may be fine in your area in Seattle, but snowing in Bellevue, so stay home.  Always communicate with the other team.  We are working to improve communication efforts when fields are deemed unplayable. 

If teams need to forfeit, please notify the GSSL with more than 24-hours advanced notice.  If less than 24 hours’ notice is provided, a forfeit fine will be imposed (no exceptions).  Sunday open division teams need to notify the GSSL office no later than 5:00 PM on the Friday preceding the scheduled game – to allow staff enough time to notify referees.  Forfeit notifications need to be provided in writing and emailed to soccer@gssl.org. Please do not e-mail personal staff accounts. Should a forfeit notice be sent to a personal staff e-mail and be missed, the forfeit fine will be imposed.

Please be courteous and respectful to the referees.  They are a single individual out there managing the match – so please refrain from giving them a hard time if they miss a call.  If you have a complaint about a referee, please send us an email so we can document the complaint and follow up with the referee. 

Finally, the office will be closing early Thursday, December 21st and will reopen Tuesday, January 2nd at 10:00 AM.  Questions???  Call us in the New Year.

From the Board of the GSSL and staff,
We wish you all Happy Holidays and good luck in the upcoming season!

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