Co-Ed & Co Rec Division RULES:

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Rule 27-Co-Ed Thursday and Sunday Night RULE MODIFICATIONS


CR Division rules

27.1 Slide tackling will only be allowed in instances where there is no threat to another player.  A radius of three yards will be observed and it will be up to the referee to determine violations of this rule. Slide tackles will result in a stoppage of play and a verbal warning by the referee to the entire offending team. Subsequent offenses by members of the same team will result in ejection of the offending player(s). Unless warranted by the nature of the offense, no penalty other than expulsion from the current game shall be imposed under this rule. Goalkeepers are exempt from this rule while playing inside the goal box and instead will be held to the usual and customary rules and regulations of the goalkeeper position.

No RECKLESS play from behind.

Shin guards are mandatory and socks must be pulled up to cover the guards. Each team should have at least one set of numbered jerseys.

Players who are ejected from the match because of slide tackling will be given back their player cards after the game, unless it is considered a serious foul then the referee will keep the card, submit a report and send the player card to the GSSL office. Depending on the offense the player will be notified of any suspension and/or fine.

Bicycle and scissor kicks are not allowed and will result in a yellow card if no player contact is made and will result in a red card in the case of contact or injury of another player.

Co-Ed: Each team of eleven is allowed to have five women and six men or six women and five men on the field. 

Strong physical play (for example, excessive shoulder-to-shoulder contact) is not allowed.

Co-Ed: If a team is short of either men or women, both teams must agree (in front of the referee) to play with more of any one gender. If the teams cannot agree, the teams must resort to the five women, five men and the keeper can be of either gender.

Co-Ed: The Sunday night Co-Ed divisions are allowed to 2 underage players on their roster. This will be up to the teams to enforce and monitor.

Minimum to start the game is seven players per team within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time or the game will be a forfeit by the team with less than seven players.

Unlimited substitutions are allowed and players may re-enter the game at any stoppage time with approval from the Referee.

FIFA rules will be followed with the exception of the above stated changes.

The Greater Seattle Soccer League reserves the right to suspend, fine, and/or expel players or teams without refunds.

All players must have a GSSL ID player card, or an official temporary pass, which can only be issued by a GSSL staff member.


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